Federal Government Services

Experience You Can Depend On

Acterra has experience working with government agencies including the US Corps of Engineers (USACE), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), DOD, and Air Force Fuel Supply Programs to provide a range of services, from design-builds of complex fueling systems to critical repairs and routine maintenance.

Acterra’s vast experience working with local, state and federal agencies gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we understand the unique requirements, regulations and terminology needed to successfully complete a government contract. Our highly-trained, certified staff and experienced project managers work with your team to complete your project in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

Fueling Construction

We provide construction and management solutions for fuel storage and distribution systems at airports and DoD installations.  Our construction team brings vast experience – delivering hundreds of fueling projects at many locations.  Services include civil construction, concrete containments, and fueling system construction.

  • Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems
  • Pipeline Systems & Breakout Storage
  • Tank Repairs & Upgrades
  • Loading Racks
  • Rail Offload & Load
  • Pump Stations
  • Hydrant Systems
  • Filtration Systems
Repair and Maintenance

The Acterra Group is providing maintenance and repair services for existing DOD and Air Force facilities under multiple subcontract agreements, under the guidance of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville.  These services are performed when existing systems fail or are not suitable for continued service.  Service requests are generated through the preventive maintenance programs or requested by the QAE and facility operations personnel.

When deficiencies are identified during field activities, the Acterra team determines and prices the appropriate repairs.  The repairs completed to date range from simple hose and nozzle replacements on ground fuel dispensers, calibration of control valves and PLC systems, concrete & electrical repairs, to larger coating projects.  Service orders typically range from $3000 – $10,000, but can go significantly higher based on the scope and potential emergency hazards.

  • Repairs, Replacement & Construction Services
  • Schedules, Preventative Maintenance & Inspections
  • Fueling System Repairs
  • Coating Applications
  • Concrete Repair & Replacements
  • Tank Repairs
Rental and Temporary Tanks
  • Temporary Fueling Systems
  • Rental Tanks for Bulk Storage
  • UL 2085 Tanks
  • Aviation Fueling
  • Internal Coatings and Liners Available