AvGas & Jet Fuel Cabinets

Self Contained Aviation Fueling Systems

The Acterra Group manufacturers a complete line of aviation fueling cabinets for AvGas and Jet Fuel. For over 30 years, customers have come to Acterra to provide turn-key aviation fueling systems.  Whether you own a small FBO, a large commercial airport, or a government fueling center, Acterra Group can design and build a system to meet your needs.

Our Solutions

Aviation Fueling Systems

Acterra provides complete turnkey construction and equipment systems for aviation fueling, including AvGas Fueling and Jet Fueling. Our team can design and build your facility and install state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most cost effective fueling systems. We provide prepackaged tank systems, aviation fueling cabinets and filtering and dispensing systems. Our systems are complete skid mounted aviation fueling packages built in our manufacturing facilities in Iowa to be easily shipped and deployed in the field.

Overfill Prevention, Bonding & Deadman Control

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) updated regulatory requirements for aviation fill stands (fuel racks) and refuelers (tank trucks) to improve safety for operators, reduce risks of environmental release (fuel spills), and eliminate liability incidents such as fires or human injury. The new requirements include:

  • Two-level overfill protection on refuelers and fill stands
  • Bonding (preventing sparks or arcs in a combustible atmosphere)
  • An operational deadman switch to ensure constant human monitoring of the vehicle during the filling process

These facility upgrades, which must be completed by June 2021, will be enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration, fire marshals, local airport authorities, and/or insurance companies. Although several systems meet NFPA 407 standards, the Scully Intellitrol®2 and associated refueler equipment is the optimum upgrade solution.