Construction Management

Whether you’re building a wind energy project, hospital, a gas station or a store front for your business, Acterra Commercial Development will help transform your empty site into a remarkable space that serves the needs of your staff, customers and community.  We’re a full-service contractor with extensive experience in construction and electrical systems. From lights to internet connections, we build the systems that power everyday life.

Owner's Representation

As owner’s representative, we serve as an extension of the owner’s staff.  Acterra provides owners with the value-added resources they will need to make their project a success. For an owner whose team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, we literally serves as an extension of your staff.  As the project’s “eyes and ears,” we can provide on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget. Working as your advocate, our experts enable clients to focus on their core business without distraction.

We provide clients with this technical knowledge to keep you abreast of events, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions.

Project Financing

The key to planning, developing and financing successful projects is making the right decisions at the right time based on the right information. This requires a multidisciplinary approach that integrates complex technical considerations with an informed and comprehensive model of project value drivers and the optimal financial structure.