Petroleum Solutions

Maintenance, Equipment Sales and Turn-key Construction Solutions for the Petroleum Industry

The Acterra Group is a full-service distributor, installer and constructor of petroleum equipment systems. Whether you need a brand new installation or you’re looking to upgrade your current system, Acterra sells, distributes and installs all major lines of petroleum and oil-related equipment to ensure our solution is custom fit exactly to your needs.

For technical information on the equipment we distribute visit our technical download page.

Our Solutions

Fleet Fueling & Fluid Management

Acterra provides complete service, sales, and installation of petroleum and oil related equipment for vehicle fleets. Our technicians and installation teams have years of experience in aboveground and underground storage tank (ASTs/USTs) installations, fuel dispensing systems, fleet fuel management systems, lubrication and maintenance systems, and nearly all types of equipment needed to manage your fleet effectively. Acterra can provide you a complete solution for your fleet fuel management.

Fleet Fueling & Maintenance
Fleet Fueling Dispensers

Getting your fleet on the road quickly is crucial to your bottom line which means fueling should be as hassle-free and fast as possible. The fleet fuel dispenser keeps your operation moving at a rapid pace. In a class of its own, this dispenser harnesses leading technology and combines it with durable construction to bring you high speed, dependable fueling capabilities.  A wide range of configuration options along with multiple feature choices give you superior flexibility.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Systems

Acterra represents Blue1USA DEF equipment bulk systems for fleet DEF dispensing. Our systems offer complete DEF storage and dispensing systems for use by SCR fleets and retail establishments, and have been fully tested to be compatible with DEF.

Fill-Rite Pumping Systems

Fill-Rite is the number one brand in fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories. They build AC fuel transfer pumps and DC fuel transfer pumps in the USA.

Fill-Rite DEF/AdBlue® Pump Systems
  • RUGGED MULTI-DIAPHRAGM TECHNOLOGY: Specifically designed for DEF/AdBlue® dispensing
  • INTEGRAL PULSATION DAMPENER: Smooth flow at point of use
  • 30-MINUTE DUTY CYCLE: 120V AC or 12V DC
  • SELF-PRIMING TO 6’: Saves time with quick fluid lift
  • 8 GPM FLOW RATE: Ideal dispense rate for most tank sizes
  • EPDM SEALS: Designed, tested and proven specifically for DEF/AdBlue®
Fueling Packages

Acterra can provide your organization with a complete fueling package built in our manufacturing facilities and ready to install on your site.  Systems can include high speed pumps, commercial grade fuel dispensers, and fuel management systems. We ship systems throughout the country.  Our package fueling systems are currently being used on government installations, aviation facilities, private fleet operators, and public fleet systems. All of our systems are pre-engineered and fully assembled fuel storage tank packages that are delivered to your site ready for installation.

Lubrication Systems

Acterra provides complete sales, service, and installation services for fleet lubrication systems.

  • Fluid Control – A complete offering of systems to meet the varying needs of vehicle service centers! Each system offers increased control over the authorization, management and recording of fluids used to service the growing fleets of private and commercial vehicles.
  • General Lubrication Pumps – Acterra offers a wide range of medium and high pressure pumps used for pumping lubricants and other fluids. Choose from air-operated Series 20, 25 or 40 reciprocating pumps, diaphragm and transfer pumps, bulk oil systems and all the installation accessories to do the job right.
  • Hose Reels – We offer Golden Standard hose reels, our Heavy-Duty Series and High Flow units for service and fleet applications. Plus, we have all the reel cabinets, lubrication stations and related accessories you need.
  • PowerLuber® – Lincoln offers an innovative, battery-powered grease gun that could change the way you work. Everyone that tries PowerLuber wants one or more for their shop or facility. Select from a wide range of accessories and options to ensure productivity every day.
Polyethylene Tanks
  • Industrial Chemicals: Large variety of chemicals used in a multitude of industries including automotive (used oil collection tanks), aviation, textiles, plastics/rubber, mining, marine, paper/pulp just to name a few. See our Chemical Resistance Recommendation Chart.
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment: Municipalities using a variety of chemicals from Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach), Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Hydrofuluosilicic Acid, Alum and many more. Applications include bulk storage, mini bulk, day tanks, batch tank systems, mix tanks, surge tanks, rinse tanks, reverse osmosis and potable water tanks (NSF compliant) and more.
  • Petroleum and Allied Products: Lubricants, Offshore Drilling Companies, Oil Refineries, Oil & Oil Waste including Frac Tanks and Storage containers.
  • Biodiesel & Ethanol Plants: B-100 Storage, vegetable oil storage, tanks for Sulfuric Acid, Caustic Soda, Potassium Hydroxide, Urea and others.
  • De-icing Chemical Products: Highway/Road Pre-wet and De-Icing Chemicals including Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Acetate (airports) and more.
  • Food Processing Companies: Bakeries, Beverage Companies, Brine Pickle Tanks for the Makers of Pickles, Sauerkraut, Cherries, etc.
Fuel and Liquid Management
FuelMaster by Syntech Systems

Acterra provides sales and installation of Fuel Master, Piusi USA, OPW Fuel Management, Fuel Force and Gasboy fuel management systems. Our factory trained technicians are capable of installing the most intricate systems including on-board diagnostic systems.

FueMaster® saves you money by eliminating manual tracking of fuel transactions and increasing accountability. The same reliable FuelMaster® equipment that’s been the fleet managers’ choice for years has been upgraded to increase productivity and provide a quicker return on investment…usually within the first year!

FuelMaster® engineers and technicians provide the best product support service in the industry. Toll-free support directly to your fuel island, as well as PC to PC training and assistance, saves you time and money.  FuelMaster® doesn’t stop there! Its flexibility permits numerous, diverse uses; e.g., a gate opener, car wash activator, or controlling access to chemicals, to name a few.

OPW Electronic Fuel Management Systems

For more than 50 years, OPW FMS has delivered product excellence and a broad line of fuel control and tank gauge solutions to retail and commercial fueling operations worldwide. OPW FMS offers a comprehensive line of IntelliSense™ smart sensors, its famous 924B magnetostrictive rigid probe, AST flexible probe, as well as the patented, industry-changing Model 327 Volumetric Line Leak Detector (VLLD) for highly accurate, real-time measurement of line leaks.

FuelForce Management Systems

The FuelForce line of unattended fleet fueling systems provides solutions for the smallest fleet to largest multi-site operations. Since 1981, FuelForce hardware and software have provided fleet owners with flexible and cost effective point of fueling access control with the advanced management reporting and analytics that allow managers to understand events and trends.


Established in 1953, Piusi maintains its legacy of providing solutions and inspiring ingenuity in the development of:

  • Fuel Transfer and Measurement (FUEL)
  • Lubricant Transfer and Measuring (OIL)
  • Pumps, PTO (Power Take Off) and Compressors for Agriculture (Ag)
  • DEF Dispensing and Metering Systems

Turnkey development of convenience stores including underground tank systems, canopies, dispensers, POS systems and general construction. Acterra provides complete service, sales and installation of petroleum equipment for convenience stores and retail fueling operations. Our technicians and installation teams have years of experience in underground storage tank (USTs) installations, fuel dispensing systems, Point of Sale (POS) systems and nearly all types of equipment your site will need to run smoothly and cost effectively.

Fuel Dispensers

TRON is a future-proof fueling platform delivering biofuel compatibility with enhanced user experience..

Customer Interface

32” Touchscreen High-Bright 2,000 nit display, automatically adjusts day and night time mode by time of day and brightness by ambient light condition.

360 Technology

Patented frictionless commerce system enabling customers to automatically select fuel grade, pay, and begin fueling in less than 3 seconds.

Remote Services

Proprietary supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and real-time response capabilities.

Forecourt Security

Vision™ system with eight (8) high resolution viewing angles per island placement. Recorded transaction security, fraud prevention, and vandal detection AI.

Dispenser Security

Electronic remote locking capabilities. Dual locking system with unique keys. No pulse, no flow technology. Programmable timeout feature.

Operating System

Embedded Linux operating system with open architecture capabilities. API interface for agile system integrations and enterprise accessibility.

Payment System

SS-EMV includes EMV/PCI Compliant EPP, Hybrid Chip Card Reader, NFC Contactless Payment, and 360 payment sensors and cloud connection.

Ballistic Glass

Proprietary glass engineered for all touch, instrumentation, and security spaces to withstand abusive impacts, and up to 1,000 pounds of direct force.

Space Grade Steel

Proprietary steel alloy engineered for space atmospheric penetration and environmentals, contains high content of chromium, nickel, and steel.

Power Usage

Less than 3 Amps. Operates at 100Mhz and delivers 158 million instructions per second, providing a 20% power savings versus the competition.

Site Communication

High-speed, long-range wireless ethernet communication. Proprietary cryptography with SHA-256 encryption and VLAN segmentation.

Tron Warranty

Industry leading 5 Year Warranty on Critical Components, 2 Year Warranty on TRON components, and Lifetime warranty on wireless ethernet and site control devices.

POS Systems

Ruby2 is the latest POS solution offering from VeriFone, equipped with a touch-screen console for fast, efficient order taking and payment processing. The multi-core processor allows the Ruby2 to process functions with increased speed allowing for easier store and customer management, and grow in functionality as business needs change or expand.

Commander Site Controller - Complete Store Management

Commander Site Controller from VeriFone offers convenience store owners a versatile site management solution providing increased speed in payment acceptance, fueling operations, and back office store control.

The Commander Site Controller system architecture includes expansion slot and ports to add capacity as your business grows. This will ensure fuel functionality and superior performance for years to come. Commander Site Controller is designed specifically for the harsh convenience retail industry. It is purpose-built for years of trouble-free service.

Bulk Storage Systems

Acterra provides complete turn-key construction and installation of bulk fuel and chemical systems. Our team can design and build your facility and install state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most cost effective storage system. Our team can work with you from inception through construction. We have constructed many different sized bulk plants over the years. From bulk plant containment, to bulk plant piping systems, to the valves, fittings, and tanks the Acterra Group can provide you with a complete package when you are building your bulk plant.

Bulk Plant Piping Systems

Acterra can design and build a piping system to meet your bulk plant needs. We have constructed aerial piping systems and underground piping systems. Our personnel are well trained in determining the best and most cost effective methods to transport your liquid products from your bulk plant.

Loading Systems for Bulk Plants

Acterra provides loading systems with or without canopies. Our systems are built with operator safety and OSHA compliance in mind. The systems can be constructed with manual or automatic operation systems. Our bulk plant loading systems are easily customized to meet the individual bulk plant operators requirements.

Throughout the world, OPW Engineered Systems has been a global leader in developing loading and coupling systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of all types of critical hazardous fluids. Our system designs meet a wide range of needs from the modest demands of drum-filling applications to the high-volume loading and unloading requirements of major chemical and petroleum facilities. OPW Engineered Systems is the brand you can trust for reliability, safety, service and support.

Industrial Poly-Tanks

Whether your company needs to store a large amount of hazardous acid or ship a highly flammable solvent, Acterra Group can assist through our relationship with Snyder Industries. Snyder is uniquely positioned to provide your company with a full basket of chemical storage and transportation solutions. Snyder is the only manufacturer to produce bulk storage tanks up to 16,500 gallons, including double wall tanks with secondary containment protection, and US Department of Transportation approved Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for hazardous chemicals, which allows chemical companies to ensure Snyder tank quality and performance in both storage and transportation applications.

Aviation Fueling Systems

Acterra provides complete turnkey construction and equipment systems for aviation fueling, including AvGas Fueling and Jet Fueling. Our team can design and build your facility and install state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most cost effective fueling systems. We provide prepackaged tank systems, aviation fueling cabinets and filtering and dispensing systems. Our systems are complete skid mounted aviation fueling packages built in our manufacturing facilities in Iowa to be easily shipped and deployed in the field.

Our Commitment to the Future

Alternative fuel development requires know how and experience to develop projects in a cost-effective, safe, and high quality manner. At the Acterra Group, we are committed to helping develop renewable, environmentally clean alternative fuels energy for today and future generations. Acterra provides a vital link in planning, developing, financing, designing, and constructing alternative fueling systems. Our 10+ years of experience extends across biomass, alternative fuels, wind, solar, and other emerging technologies.  From project design through construction, the unique strengths and abilities of the Acterra organization can bring your project to a successful completion—on time and under budget.

Our Alternative Energy Services Include:
Dispensing & Storage System Installation

Acterra provides turn-key construction and installation of blender dispensers and the construction of bulk storage systems.  Our team can design and build your facility and install state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most cost effective dispensing and storage solutions.

Biofuel Blending & Storage Systems

Acterra also offers turn-key services for biofuel blending and storage systems. These systems are either aboveground or underground storage systems. Underground storage systems are built on-site and allow for a smaller operational footprint. Aboveground systems are manufactured at our facilities and can be shipped to remote terminals for immediate use.

Typical systems for B100 consist of an insulated Fireguard or Flameshield tank along tank heating systems, meters, a load-out system, with a card reader option for fuel management. Packages are shipped pre-wired allowing for easy installation at various terminals. The Acterra biofuel team customizes systems up to 50,000 gallons to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil Backup and Emergency Power

Acterra provides complete turnkey construction and equipment systems for fuel oil related emergency and standby power systems. Our team can design and build your facility using state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most cost-effective backup power systems for all your power needs.

An emergency power system is an independent generation system that allows operation of a facility in the event of normal power failure—it is legally required to feed equipment or systems whose failure may present a life safety hazard to persons or property. Businesses and institutions can lose power due to tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, capacity-related issues and many other unpredictable events. Emergency and standby power systems provide uninterrupted power for essential operations and help businesses comply with life/safety codes.

Acterra Group designs and builds systems to provide reliable fuel supply for Mission Critical and Emergency Power applications. Our systems accommodate a wide range of configurations, from standard packages to more complex jobs.

The systems are used at critical facilities such as telecommunications centers, data centers, waste water treatment plants, hospitals / medical centers and internet service sites where downtime is not an option. As a turn-key provider we provide pre-engineered, fully assembled fuel storage systems delivered to the site for easy installation by our installation team.

Whether for a data center, health-care building or 911 call center, a great deal of time and effort are put into the design of the emergency backup generators, switch gear and UPS equipment that supply emergency backup power.

Fuel Spill Cleanup Emergency Response

Acterra Group provides spill response for a range of incidents including oil spills and fuel spills.  At Acterra, we understand emergency response, striving to provide safe, effective, fast, and reliable coverage.  Our response teams are available for immediate emergency fuel spill cleanup response throughout Iowa and the Midwest. This includes fuel releases from vehicle accidents, punctured fuel tanks, leaking or broken fuel lines, overfills, or hydraulic line breaks. We always follow all hazardous materials regulation guidelines to maximize safety and limit potential liability.

  • Diesel Spills
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck Cleanup
  • Hydraulic Line Spills
  • Site Restoration
  • Impacted Soil Removal
  • Surface Water Removal
  • Creek Contamination Cleanup
  • Spill Containment
  • Spill Control